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        Jiashan boteman mechanical seal factory, located in jiashan west industrial zone, is committed to development, manufacturing, sales integration of the mechanical seal. Has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, perfect management idea, excellent price-performance advantage and growing production research and development sales team, after years of development, our customers have spread all over at home and abroad.

        Jiashan boteman enterprise leading mechanical seal products, from the previous dozens of development now has more than one hundred kinds, including: mechanical seal components, shaft seal, hard seal and seal type light, medium sealing, heavy seal and seal ceramic seal, graphite, silicon carbide seal, sleeved "0" type ring and other products, product specifications varieties complete, durability and other characteristics, widely used in the dairy, food, beverage, beer, medicine, metallurgy, chemical industry, daily chemical industry, fine chemicals, such as supporting the use of machinery and equipment, and have the ability to undertake various non-standard seal of the virtuous cycle of development and production to sales channel. If you have special specification, please figure, surveying and mapping processing samples. Welcome new and old customers to our company to negotiate business, common development.

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      address:401, building 4, precision machinery business park, Luoxing street, Jiashan County

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      phone:86-573-84072768 86-573- 84072798

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